Goal book

While unpacking some of my things I came across a goal book that I had started a year ago.   Bill Gates Sr. wrote a really great book called, “Showing Up For Life” where he basically gave advice on how to live life to its fullest.  I got so much out of reading that book…probably because I’m a sap for motivational reads.  The one thing I immediately started keeping was a goal book.

The first two pages are dedicated to a list of 100 things I want to accomplish in my lifetime.  Each subsequent entry consists of a page describing in words how and why I plan to complete that goal.  The opposite page contains magazine clippings, photographs, drawings, basically anything visual.  I haven’t looked at it in a few months and got inspired again when I pulled it out tonight.  I decided to write down my list and share it with you.  Maybe somebody will make their own list or share some goals with me…one of my favorite things in life is to watch somebody who is motivated by life.

My incomplete list of life goals…some big and some small but all important.

  1. Live a passionate life
  2. Earn my doctorate
  3. Dream in Spanish
  4. Live in another country
  5. Publish a book
  6. Start a philanthropic organization
  7. Race at age group nationals triathlon
  8. Swim around Key West
  9. Learn to play the cello
  10. Break a wooden slab with my hand
  11. Dance Salsa (well)
  12. Understand wine
  13. Take voice lessons
  14. Have a garden
  15. Have a library
  16. Be close to my children
  17. Finish an Ironman
  18. Qualify for the Boston Marathon
  19. Teach at the collegiate level
  20. Break 20 minutes in my 5K
  21. Own a carbon frame bike
  22. Design my wedding dress
  23. Sell an item I made by hand
  24. Learn how to take pictures well
  25. Own a great camera
  26. Change a law
  27. Be vegetarian for a year
  28. Join Peace Corps
  29. Improve a mission trip
  30. Lead a Bible study
  31. Read the whole Bible
  32. Qualify for the Kona (World championship Ironman)
  33. Take a pottery class
  34. Sell a painting
  35. Become a certified personal trainer
  36. Become a USAT coach (triathlon coach)
  37. Donate my hair to Locks of Love
  38. Move cross – country (check!)
  39. Bike 100 miles
  40. Join a book club
  41. Raise bilingual children
  42. Start a swim program
  43. Race in every continent
  44. Volunteer every month
  45. Be somebody’s mentor
  46. Backpack through Europe
  47. Read the top 100 books
  48. Marry my best friend
  49. Go rock climbing outside
  50. Own a house
  51. Become a nurse practitioner
  52. Teach somebody how to read
  53. Stay up all night talking to somebody until sunrise
  54. Compete at the age group world championship for triathlons
  55. Work towards an improved health care system

56-100 are still to come… but these are some of the things I hope to do throughout my life.  Some are generic and others unique but if I work towards these goals I will have lived a very full life.

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2 Responses to Goal book

  1. Tammy says:

    LOVE YOUR BLOG! I used to have one, and may start a new one – something to think about. I think I’ll add “Showing Up for Life” to my B&N Wish List. Keep writing!

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