Dear Coach Williams,

Dear Coach Williams,

Hopefully you remember me from when I was a high school freshman in your Biology class.  I definitely remember you.  More specifically, I remember how you changed the direction of my life.  You inspired me to embrace learning and showed me the amazing world of science which I will forever love.  Did you even know the effect you had on my life?  Did you know that all the essays I’ve written about my life begin with the experience I had in your class almost 10 years ago? 

Before high school, I did enough in school to make the A and could care less about what was being taught.  You changed that for me.  I remember how excited you would get about these dorky little science stories and how you explained DNA or the cellular structure.  You stirred a curiosity in me that has never died and for that I am forever grateful. 

Biology became the place where my questions about the world has the possibility of getting answered.  If somebody wanted to know how or why something worked…they could set up experiments and potentially find the answer.  That’s simply amazing.

So this is just a simple thank you for sparking a passion for science and learning about the world around me.  Thank you for caring about what you taught and the students around you.  I hope you know that I will never forget you and what you gave me. 


Courtney Wagner

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