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What’s your favorite book?

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes.  As a child, I literally had a book glued in my hands at all times.  On vacation, in the car, while walking on the sidewalk, in class, and especially curled up in bed.  … Continue reading

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Friend appreciation

Friends truly make a difference in our lives.  When we experience difficult situations, friends are often there showing support and comforting us.  I remember a good friend of mine explaining what her friendships meant to her throughout one particularly hard … Continue reading

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Lost art

Since it became cheaper and easier to buy clothes rather than make them people have stopped sewing nearly as much.   In fact, how many times in the past 3 months have you made something with your hands?  We have … Continue reading

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Let yourself be loved

There are so many books, poems, and movies in this world on the subject of love it is almost overwhelming.  Some aspects of love are universal and others are different for everybody.  Think about how many sayings you know regarding … Continue reading

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Gift of Teaching

While swimming laps in my neighborhood pool, I watched a father playing with his children.  Out of habit, I noticed certain things about how the children swam.  The daughter did this vertical dance and thrashed her legs and arms about … Continue reading

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