Lost art

Since it became cheaper and easier to buy clothes rather than make them people have stopped sewing nearly as much.   In fact, how many times in the past 3 months have you made something with your hands?  We have all of these technological conveniences to save time but why does it seem like there’s never enough time in the day?  I love being creative and crafty.  My favorite gifts to give are ones I’ve made by hand.

My grandmother taught me how to sew from a really young age.  We made bean bags and pillow for my dolls.  Her stitches were always so perfect and mine were haphazard and lopsided.  She made me a handful of beautiful quilts over the years.  There were these little labels that said “Made with love” and she would hand stitch “Grandma”.  A few years ago she passed away and I wanted to learn how to really sew.  So my mom taught me and we made a scrub top out of Elvis fabric.  Embarrassing fact-I had a crush on Elvis 4th grade…yes I know he’s dead.  My grandmother would send me Elvis stickers and newspaper clippings about him.  How thoughtful?  Since then I’ve made a handful of things and I can’t wait to make more.

Sewing is time-consuming and sometimes frustrating but in many ways it’s mentally challenging and extremely rewarding.  I’m so thankful to my mother for teaching me this skill.  I don’t know many girls my age that know how to sew and that means they probably won’t teach their daughters…but I will.  I will carry on the art.

Elvis Scrub Top

My first dress

Summer skirt

So the whole inspiration for this post came from a book I found at Borders tonight.  101 sewing projects from 1 yard of fabric.  How awesome?! Random things like laptop covers, laundry bags, aprons, cafe curtains, dog leashes, and more.  After I’m finished with these two online classes I will get to work with my very own sewing machine that I got for Christmas.

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One Response to Lost art

  1. Tammy says:

    HA! I sew! I’ve made dresses and bathrobes for John’s girls. Can’t wait to see you’re projects.

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