Which is worse, failing or never trying?

There’s a blog I started to follow that writes really interesting posts and this one in particular caught my attention 50 Questions to Free Your Mind.  I started answering the questions and have really enjoyed contemplating some of the things asked…so here’s one for now.  Maybe more to come later.

Which is worse, failing or never trying?

This is a difficult question to answer.   I hate to do this but…it really depends on the situation.  There are some things in life we need to examine if it is really worth trying.  Let’s say I wanted to become a fashion designer.  Despite my wardrobe and the fact that I spend a grand total of 15 minutes getting ready in the morning (this includes eating), I am very interested in fashion.  My obstacles have always been lifestyle and money.  Triathlons do not equal fashion.  Anyways, sewing has opened me up to the possibility of designing clothes.  I wonder how I would survive designing and selling clothing and realize that I’m not passionate enough about it to risk the financial and time investment.  I don’t have the dedication to designing that is required.  So in this case…never trying wins.

From sociallady.worpress.com

There are other things in my life where I would have huge regrets if I never tried…even if I failed.  I have wanted to get a doctoral degree ever since I could remember.  My career goals have changed over the past decade by every switch always included a PhD or MD.  Since I am just starting my career in nursing I have years ahead of me before I earn my doctorate.  Those years include the possibility of working, marriage, children…basically life.  The excuses will creep up and school could get pushed back one year and then another.  I know looking back, as full and incredible as my life might be, I would regret never trying.  At least, if I attempted graduate school and couldn’t handle the workload on top of everything else in my life than I know I tried.

So which is worse, failing or never trying?  My answer depends on how much you want it.  Go after your dreams! Especially if something inside of you says you would have major regrets if you don’t.

What about you? Which is worse?

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