If I could change the world

I may be one person but I dream about how I will impact the world.  My ambitions don’t include becoming famous for discovering the next best thing since penicillin or inventing something better than the iPhone.  I believe in affecting the world by “thinking globally and acting locally”.  Implement change on a small scale and if it’s really effective try to expand to reach more communities.  That’s how I think.

This post comes from me slowly answering more questions from 50 Questions to Free Your Mind and this particular one caught my attention.  What is the one thing you would like to change about the world?

I would change how we eat.  This includes everything from our personal choices to the way food is advertised to how government regulates food.  We have more knowledge than ever before about proper nutrition yet we are probably at our unhealthiest.  The books I’ve been reading lately have scared me about processed food and the food industry in general.  What chemicals and poisons are we putting into our bodies exactly?

I’m not looking down on anybody…I struggle with my food choices and weight as well.  I love love love anything sweet or anything with cheese.  I simply can’t help myself when reaching for another piece of candy or slice of pizza even though my diet is full of fresh fruits and vegetables and “I know better”.

Anyways, back to changing the world.  People need to be educated, companies should be held responsible for misleading the public with nutrition labels, and the government should figure out a way to protect the public from  farmers and manufacturers taking advantage of us being blissfully ignorant about what we are consuming.

If I could change the world in one way it include creating a local program to educate parents and children how to eat properly while saving time and money and also how to exercise.  Eating healthy shouldn’t taste bland and be painful.  Exercise shouldn’t be boring and dreaded.  I’ve learned to love all types of vegetables (I hated all vegetables until I was a freshman in  college) and look forward to learning new and interesting ways to cook them.  Triathlon has become a great way to meet friends and spend time with motivated people.  My lifestyle isn’t for everybody but eating boxed meals and fast food while glaring at the person running in your neighborhood is a lifestyle that nobody should live either.  I want to change the world by encouraging and empowering people to seek out ways to improve their quality of life without pain or blood pressure medication.  I want to change the world by showing people they can get excited about their workouts and the positive results after educated and consistent efforts.

This desire to improve the world’s eating habits stems from the fact that I want people to lead happier lives.

What about you? What is the one thing you would like to change about the world?

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