New interest….War of the Roses

Ever since a project in Mrs. Yentz’s Freshman English class I have been strangely obsessed with King Henry VIII.  The political turmoil, scandals, and deception were more interesting than any of the current star gossip.  He separated from the Catholic church so that he could marry his mistress and produce a male heir.  This set off a series of religious and political struggles that haunted England for centuries to come.  The ironic thing was his male heir was too sickly to ever rule England and it was his daughter Elizabeth I that was one of the great rulers of England.

The Tudor family has held my interest for a long time and an author Phillipa Gregory does a great job of bringing these intriguing and scandalous characters to life.  She uses all the historical facts available and fills in the motives and emotions to captivate her audience into forgetting they are reading about history.

I just finished her new book, The White Queen, which takes place during the time of the War of the Roses.

Now I want to research and learn more about this time that affected so many lives over a struggle between cousins, brothers, uncles, and nephews for the throne.  I love how you can get lost in a book and come out only wanting to dive in again.

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