Calling all role models…

I’ve had many role models throughout my life.  Some might have known how much I admired them while others had no clue.  I looked up to people for so many different reasons but today I realized there wasn’t anybody that really served as a moral compass for me.  This isn’t to say that the people I admired didn’t have good morals…it’s just that I wasn’t focused on that aspect.

There were times in my life that I could have used somebody to guide me through those impressionable years by demonstrating a deep respect for themselves and their values.  After becoming a Christian and experiencing tremendous growth as a person I know myself incredibly well now and try my best not to compromise my beliefs.  A handful of women have more recently become role models in the ways I wish I’d admired as a teenager.

Maybe everybody starts to worry about the future generations as they grow older but lately I’ve become frustrated, fearful, and disappointed with teenager’s exposure to “grown up” decisions and actions.  I know that sex, drugs, and alcohol have been tempting people at young ages since before I was born but I can’t help feeling protective.  Today I heard a song by Chris Brown about making a sex video with a girl in greater detail than I thought possible on the radio.  It made sex cheap, easy, and for entertainment.  This kind of exposure is inevitable unless your child is home schooled and never let into the outside world with normal human interactions.

I will never stop the Chris Brown’s of the world from degrading women and relationships or children’s exposure to alcohol and pot.  Instead, maybe I can be a role model to young girls and help them realize they must first respect themselves before getting respect from anybody else.  Teaching them more about sex than to “just say no” because there are situations where “just saying no” is difficult if you are in love or feel pressured to fit in.  I hope that one day my daughter can admire that I searched for a career I was passionate about and went after with dedication.  Maybe more people will stand up and take responsibility for demonstrating a life led by a strong moral compass…

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