Alarm goes off.  Press the snooze button.  Alarm goes off again.  Get up.  Shower. Brush your teeth. Get dressed.  Make-up and hair. Make coffee. Eat breakfast. Drive (slowly) through traffic. Walk into your office. Drink more coffee. And the day goes on just like the day before and the day before that.

Examine your life and you start to wonder why it doesn’t feel like the same ol’ same ol’ all the time.  My life hasn’t even ever been the same for more than a year but after a month the freshness has already started to wear off and I start to get antsy.   I question if a daily routine is comforting or restrictive.  Depends on who you are or more importantly if you like your routine.

Unfortunately, there are too many people who feel incarcerated by their routine.  Think about why Office Space was such a hit…people related to the characters.  Now we can’t all break free from our jobs because unlike the main character there is the responsibility of a family or children but we don’t have to feel like drones dredging along.

Personally, I need to challenge myself.  Learning something new, talking to different people, or training for competition are all ways for me to break free from the daily routine.

How do you break free?  What keeps you from feeling like every day runs into the next?


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