Sharing the Road

Too many cyclists are killed while riding on the road.  Recently, I read an article about a cyclist, a friend of a friend, that was killed in Dade county.  The driver wasn’t paying attention, most likely  on her cell phone, and hit the cyclist from behind.  The accident is a tragedy and I feel terrible for the family and friends who lost someone close.

While reading the article, I noticed a thread of comments people had posted in response.  There were a handful of people who made me cringe.  One person, “The Anti-Cyclist”, thought it was ridiculous that people would endanger their lives for a hobby and held the opinion that it was the cyclist’s fault just as much as the driver’s.  The “Pro-Cyclist” copied and pasted several laws about sharing the road with bikes.  They went back and forth, started calling each other names, and completely lost the point that somebody was just killed.

I am one of those “annoying cyclists” that take up your space on the road.  I make it so that you have to switch lanes or move over slightly so that you don’t hit me.  I also realize that I am a human being and therefore my body follows certain laws of physics.  If my body goes head to head with a car…the car wins.

Please stop fighting about this!  People have died and just because they are “risking their lives” or are a “nuisance” to you as a driver it will never excuse not paying attention and hitting a person.  So drivers and cyclists alike, pay attention, be safe, and have respect for those who have died and their families.

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