Little things add up…

One of my goals is to save money through budgeting and making small adjustments here and there.  In the past my budget was “don’t spend more than you make”.  Very grown up, I know, but it has worked since food and race entries are my main financial weaknesses.

Working on my second degree, this time without scholarships, has really made me take a look at my finances with a microscope.  I’ve noticed the little things add up to a lot.   Now I’m finding little ways to cut out excess spending.  One example is making my coffee instead of buying it.  I initiated this small goal in January and am pleased to say, no coffee purchases so far. Big deal for me because 7-11 coffee is a weakness.

My other example is a recent finding at Publix a few weeks ago…the Glacier refill machine.

Normally I will drink water out of the tap but Tampa water is a little off and my Brita water filter doesn’t do the trick.  So it’s been an extra $2-3 a week just for water, which has usually been free! Over the year it works out to be over $100 and I am wasting a lot more plastic than usual.  I can just hear my brother calling me a “hippie-tree-hugger” now.  Well, this machine is only 30¢ a gallon, saving me an extra $1-2 a week and around $50 a year.  And I am recycling!  The little things add up…

What small tricks do you use to save money?

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2 Responses to Little things add up…

  1. Natalie says:

    I agree with you about the coffee. Sometimes I just want to buy it out (tomorrow for instance!) and I remind myself that I could save $4 and just make it at home. That little bit adds up.

    Thanks for your kind biochem words! So far I find it very interesting, but challenging. You’re right about knowing what to expect from here on out.

    • Courtney says:

      Food adds up too. My bag for the day often looks like what you’ve posted before…lots of tupperware full of food. I get hungry throughout the day and start eying a vending machine or coffee shop if I don’t have snacks.

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