Goal list…a work in progress

It’s important to have goals.  I’ve mentioned this a few times before and most recently in my post about what I wanted to do with this blog.  See my New Direction post.  Take a look at what Kate from Twenty-Six to Life has done with her blog.  I really love what she is doing and I hope to find and share other sources of motivation along the way.  I’ll be talking a lot about training, nutrition, learning new skills, and other ventures that are about making the most out of life.  This isn’t a blog to document my triathlon training or what I eat.  Mostly because I don’t have the time, photography skills, or expertise. Well here’s my goal list…


Straight A’s for Spring 2011 (22 credit hours)

Find mentor

Assist with publishing an article

Qualify for Sigma Tau Theta (Nursing Honor Society)

Competitive GPA for graduate school

Talk to graduate school advisor


Make a list of options in nursing

Find a nursing tech job for summer

Make 2 year, 5 year, and 10 year plan

Have 2 job opportunities by graduation (Dec 2011)


Cheese free for a month

Gluten free for a month

Alcohol free for a month

Processed sugar free for a month

Meat free for a month

5 servings a day (fruits/veggies)

Reach goal weight

Keep nutrition log for a month


Develop training plan for 70.3 in May

Develop training plan for Sprint Worlds in September

Keep training log for a month

Start swimming with Masters Team again (M, W, F 5 am)

Swim 10 x 100’s @ goal pace before Triathlon in May

Cycle with group once a week for 3 months

Cycle 100 miles in a week

Century ride

Run with group once a week for 3 months

Run 30 miles in a week

Break 20 min in 5K

Break 43 min in 10K

Break 1 hr 40 min  in half-marathon

Qualify for Boston marathon 3 hrs 40 min


Practice Spanish for 1 hour every week for month

Learn to play cello

Master 10 meals

Finish t-shirt quilt

Build something out of wood


Make/not buy coffee for one semester

Get job for summer

Sell old books on Ebay

Find system to use coupons

Plan meals to save with groceries

Pay off student loans

Save 3 months worth of salary

Start retirement saving plan

Save for new car


Volunteer at 3 events before end of April

Find organization to volunteer consistently with

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9 Responses to Goal list…a work in progress

  1. Hey Court! I just signed up on this thing! I need help, I feel lost, lol….how do I navigate, lol. I wanted to send you a message, is this the only way? I didn’t start the year with any resolutions but I just made one: learn how to use word press 🙂

  2. Natalie says:

    I love having goals, especially written ones. You have some wonderful ones!

  3. I just looked at this long list of goals. I do believe goals are important but I find this list overwhelming (but that’s just me)…..I find when I have a huge list of goals I focus more on me then the people and relationships around me….honestly my top two goals would be: to love jesus more than myself and to love others just as much as I should love jesus….for me, that makes for a pretty challenging day!

    • Courtney says:

      Yeah I guess it can look overwhelming. It’s mostly a lot of stepping stones for the major goals I have in each area of my life. For instance, I want to always work on improving with my triathlon training or I want to work on being healthy with the food I eat. You make a good point about how a list like mine will draw the focus more to oneself than others. My next post will touch on that concept. Thanks for bringing it up. :0)

  4. I’ve been thinking about this a lot today….goals, lists, etc. I think goals are a great thing and I think to have them out on ink is encouraging and kind of gives you a kick in the butt. I used to ALWAYS have a list up around me in high school and into college….but honestly, so many of those things I listed were meaningless…..I should have listed the things I have opportunities with every single day; like how I treat my husband when I’m in a bad mood, or how I might get easily annoyed at the cash register person because of how slow they’re going and how it’s effecting my schedule, or figuring out how to love (and actually be able to put into action) the unlovable people in my life….the difficult families at work. maybe I’m analyzing this too much, lol. I think I’m just tired of culture telling us over and over again of how to improve our lives, how to be more healthy, how to be more successful, how to get farther in life, and it NEVER ends…we want and we get, we want more and we get more and who is it for?? what are we living for? okay, i’m really going off on a tangent and it’s time to go to sleep, lol. Love yah court, yah know I’m just thinking out loud.

  5. I saw another Courtney and I had to come say hi! These goals are badass and super impressive! I really need to quantify some new ones for myself and get em out there. When I just think about them and don’t do anything more they just kind of float around in my head and then dissappear.

    • Courtney says:

      That’s awesome! I know Courtney is supposed to be a common name but I have only met a few.

      That’s exactly why I decided to write some of these goals down. I get so motivated and then don’t have the follow through half the time when I don’t set a more detailed plan out.

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