I love this sport

I was inspired today.   I met up with a new friend, Meghann,  from one of my favorite blogs, Meals and Miles for a ride and I loved her attitude about tackling new challenges.  It reminded me, yet again, how much I love interacting with people that enjoy pushing themselves.  She’s a runner tackling her first half-Ironman and sounds ready to take on the most challenging part….training for a half-Ironman.  Which involves a lot of swimming, biking, running , and strength training. 

The main reason I loved her attitude was she was willing to –

1. Try something new and challenging.

2. Put in the effort to meet her goals.

3. Push her body beyond its normal threshold.

4. Be positive about the whole experience.

And that’s really why I love this sport.  I continually meet people interested in trying new distances and events, going out of their comfort zone, improving their health and fitness, and basically “putting themselves out there.  It translates beautifully to life.  Take that risk on someone you like, a position you deserve, etc.  You might surprise yourself.  I constantly give myself that extra nudge in “real” life because I conquered fears in the triathlon world.  “Come on Courtney, you did a half-Ironman…you can take this on!” 

Besides motivating myself, I love this sport because it motivates other people.  Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people participating in the C25K program.  It’s a program that helps people go from the Couch to a 5K.  There is something I love about seeing people work their way from being relatively inactive to a 5K. 

Partially because I sincerely hope they see how working out can be incorporated into a busy schedule and even give you more energy! I also hope they have such an awesome experience running their 5K that they get bit by what I like to call “The Bug”.  This just means wanting to sign up for another race, and another, and another…like what happened to me.  There’s a great sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing a race. 

It was refreshing training with somebody exciting to take on “their next big thing”.  I look forward to every opportunity this sport offers to inspire others and be inspired…

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6 Responses to I love this sport

  1. I’ve just got in from my first C25K run and am exhausted! Yet, I can’t wait to do the second one! Wooo C25K fever! 😀

    • Courtney says:

      Congrats! It will get tougher before it gets easier..but so worth all the work in the end. Do you have a 5K that you are actually signed up for?

  2. I haven’t yet – not sure I have the confidence yet. My little brother runs quite a bit, and is away at Uni until the beginning of July – so my current goal is to complete C25K and be able to go out for a run with him when he’s home again! 😀

  3. Tami says:

    i enjoy Meghann’s blog too, I am tackling my first half ironman in three weeks…

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