I have a confession

I hate getting in the water.  Doesn’t that sound awful seeing that I swam for 10+ years, taught swim lessons, coached a swim team, and now compete in triathlons?  When I get to the pool there’s about 5 minutes where I contemplate easing my way in or biting the bullet jumping in all at once.  Once I’m in the water, it’s fine because my body has adjusted to the temperature change.  Strange, I know but I felt like sharing.

Baldwin Park Tri, May 2008

One thing that really helps is having a swim workout already planned.  I need something that motivates me.  Usually I  build the workouts around holding my goal pace.  The absolute best is having somebody to train with but I haven’t done that in the water in a long time.  Nothing beats having somebody match you stroke for stroke during a challenging set.  I forget about how far I’m swimming or the fatigue in my muscles…the only thing that matters is keeping up.

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2 Responses to I have a confession

  1. I totally agree- I used to have a great master’s swim group, but moved to a different part of the city and haven’t really been in the pool since. Have a workout planned for tomorrow morning- let’s see if it happens…

    • Courtney says:

      Bummer that you can’t swim with the master’s group anymore. There is one a few miles from my apartment but they meet at 5 am, which is rough and I have a hard time getting up quite that early for a cold pool. Good luck getting your swim workout in tomorrow!

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