Swim workout switch up

Yesterday I had a little fun during my swim workout.  Originally we planned on swimming and then lifting but my workout partner was short on time and could only do one.  I decided we could shorten up the total yardage but throw in some good old-fashioned calisthenics into the mix.  This kind of workout doesn’t help your speed very much because your body gets pretty tired, pretty fast but it’s a great way to throw in some strength training.

Here’s our workout from yesterday:

See my Swim Workout 101 for the basics.

300 yards easy warm up

8 x 50’s @ 5 seconds rest each 50 (after the first 25 yards – do 5 push-outs, after the second 25 yards – hop out and do 5 push-ups, Total =40 push-outs total, 40 push – ups total)

By the way, a push-out is where you are simply grabbing the side of the wall with both hands shoulder-width apart and your body all the way in the pool.  Push  yourself up until your arms are extended and by your side and then drop back into the water.  Elbows should be facing behind you and not to the side to work your triceps.  I’ll post a picture/video the next time I get in the water.

So after our arms were burning we did a leg/ab set. Repeat this set three times through:

3 x 100’s @ 1:20 (holding 1:15’s, pick a challenging interval that works for you.  Try 2:00/100 yard if you don’t know where to start. After the 3  x 100’s are finished hop out of the pool and do a series of lunges for 20 yards alternating legs every lunge.  Next, drop into a front plank position for 1 minute and then hop back in the water)

Here are some videos I found in case you weren’t sure on proper lunge or plank technique.

Last, we did a  3 x 100’s @ 1 min rest (First 100 yds – easy, Second 100 yds – sprint, Third 100 yds – easy)

Total yardage – 1900 yards including strength exercises

Find your own variation of this set that works for you. You might look crazy to the lifeguards but at least you’ll have fun! 😉  Just watch out for slippery pool decks!

Figure out a way to incorporate strength into your cardio if you are short on time. I’ll grab 5 lb weights while I’m on my trainer and work on biceps and shoulders as I spin.  Or sometimes I’ll run a mile and then stop for a series of lunges and repeat for 5 miles.

This is a great example of why workout partners are awesome. We pushed each other to keep going throughout each set and not cut corners.   There’s something strangely fun about suffering through a set next to somebody else.

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2 Responses to Swim workout switch up

  1. nice set- i like that approach to limited time. i’ve been trying to figure out how to squeeze in strength/weight training with everything else i’m doing and this seems like a good alternate workout.

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