A track brick workout

Ever since my “illegal” track workout last week with Meghann, I have been craving to get back on the track.  From my swimming days, I am a self-proclaimed slave to the clock. This means I am highly motivated by workouts that involve setting goal paces and working to achieve those paces.  That topic deserves a whole post in itself…

Yesterday, I decided to bike 20 miles and stop by a local high school (that wasn’t under construction) for a short track workout followed by the 5 mile ride home.  Definitely a fun workout but my legs were hurting afterwards.  Track workouts are tough enough but right after a solid hour of cycling makes them even tougher.   I tried to maintain a steady 20+ mph pace and was pretty successful the whole ride.

Once I got to the track, I pulled out my running shoes from the small tote I had ridden with  and changed out of my bike jersey into a dry tech tee.  If you’ve ever visited Florida in the summer, you’d understand.  I was ready to brick…on a track.

Ready to brick on a track

No need for a warm up because I had already gone 20 miles on the bike.  So I went straight into my track workout.

8 x 400’s at 5K pace followed by an easy 200 in-between each.  My body was aching after the first two.  Aside from the recent 5Ks, I just haven’t been hitting quality speed workouts. My goal was to hold sub- 7:00/mile.  That would have been 1:45/400 meters.  My legs just couldn’t push faster than 1:52’s/400 meters.  Maybe it was the heat, maybe the bike ride, and maybe I’m just out of shape.  No excuses, I need to work harder at my speed.  On a positive note, I was consistent 🙂

All-in-all, I was happy with my effort and changed back into my bike shoes.  After filling up my water bottle (ahhhhh), I was back on the bike rushing home to get changed for a movie date with my man, X-Men: First Class.  Surprisingly, it was a good movie.  Keep in mind, I’ve never seen any of the X-Men before but I’m a sucker for the fantasy sci-fi stuff (cough Harry Potter…cough Twilight).

How do you like my artistic attempt with an iPhone?  Cute huh?  Personally, I’m in love with the new hot pink laces, compliments of Newton Shoes at the Oldsmar Taphouse 5K.  I’m a Mizuno girl myself but I’ll take the free laces 🙂

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2 Responses to A track brick workout

  1. nice brick- hoping to get one of those in this week myself! 🙂 and i dig the laces- i just got some neon green fast laces to replace my traditional ones- hopefully it will help me find my shoes/spot in transition since i’m so out of practice! 🙂
    i’m totally with you on the fantasy/sci fi stuff- love it. how’s the book?

    • Courtney says:

      Neon colors seem to make everything so much…brighter 🙂 Bricks have really helped my race this past season. When’s your next race? I am doing a sprint in 2 weeks and an Olympic after that. Hunger Games is so good right now. I’m trying to hold back finishing it too soon because I have to wait for the second book from the library. I can’t believe I waited this long to start on the trilogy. Any other good recommendations?

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