Rock Climbing Anybody?

Tonight was Ladies’ Night 🙂

…Ladies’ Night at Vertical Ventures that is.  Vertical Ventures is a local indoor rock climbing and admission is half-price for women on Wednesdays.  I haven’t been climbing in ages so I was really excited when my friends Maddie and Sarah invited me .  We opted for the Baley class that included our admission, equipment, and a free return visit ($25…not bad).  I will definitely be returning for that free visit!

Rock climbing, as with any sport, must include a warm up stretch.  Thank you Maddie 🙂

After donning our shoes, harness, and chalk bag we were ready to belay and climb.  Our instructor did a great job teaching us the name and purpose of each piece of equipment.  Safety and proper use of the equipment is a huge priority.  Obviously, safety needs to be emphasized because the alternative is falling.   I was thankful for the refresher course and felt confident as a belayer.  A belayer is the person controlling the belay device which puts friction on the climbing rope and prevents the climber from falling to far.

Here are a few pictures of us.  The belayer always has watch the climber in case they fall or need to take a break.  The right hand must always stay on the break rope.


There are universal phrases you use to signal when your equipment is ready, the climber starts, or the climber is ready to come down.  The climber will say, “On belay?” and the belayer will reply, “Belay on.” when equipment is ready.  When the climber is about to fall or finishes their climb they say “Take” to signal the belayer needs to “apply the breaks” or friction on the rope and prepare to let the climber down.

We stayed a few hours trying different levels of difficulty and basically having a good time.  It was fun watching the people bouldering or “free climbing” in the center of the facility.  You could tell some of the people came there on a regular basis because the climbs looked extremely difficult and required all sorts of strength and agility.  Even though it was probably obvious we were beginners, I was still impressed with some of our climbs 🙂

This jutting wall took some creativity to get around.

Felt great to get to the top after climbing and sweating your way up.

Rock climbing and triathlons definitely don’t use the same muscles.  My fingers are sore!  Our last climb was not only the most technically challenging but we were worn out and just couldn’t finish the climb.  Trust  me I tried three or four times…haha.  I’m excited for our next time with the free visit and will definitely be attacking that last wall before I get too tired 😉

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  4. Drew says:

    So, you should know two things… I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!! it is super amazing and they give usf student discounts. fyi

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