Giving Yourself Grace

I’m grateful for the encouragement and suggestions from my last post about the challenge of starting and adjusting to a new job. This isn’t the first time I have worked full time but 12-hour shifts present a completely new lifestyle with its own set of pro’s and con’s.

Before I launch into my main topic I wanted to provide a few life updates…

  • I completed the Gasparilla Challenge! At the time, I wasn’t in blogging mode so no race recap or pictures. It was an incredible experience and despite the pain of running 30 miles in two days undertrained (I took a break from longer runs after the Miami marathon), I am contemplating signing up again to see how much I can improve. For a great rundown of the event please check out Mary’s race recap. She kicked butt and I’m excited to see how well she does in her upcoming marathon in  6 weeks.
  • I moved (again). Only 10 minutes away but I’m excited about my new place and roommate. It’s perfect for this season of life and I am beyond grateful and really enjoyed living with family the past few months while I found a job and saved money.
  • My brother is getting married in 10 days! Couldn’t be more excited and happy for them. I was able to rearrange my schedule to have 6 days off. A few weeks ago, I went to Oviedo for a bridal shower and made his fiancé a handbag with her new initials stitched on the outside. It was fun making and learning a few new sewing techniques. They are getting married on a boat…hence the anchor. The next day I went fishing with my family and my brother caught a huge red fish while I studied for the NCLEX with my feet in the water and a beer in hand (classy).



  • I am reading up a storm! Currently, I’m finishing up Complications by Atul Gawande and just picked up Born to Run by Christopher McDougall from the library.  Complications includes several pieces written by Gawande about the world of surgical complications, ethical dilemmas, various cases about surgeons and patients. One of the first stories is about inserting central line which is placed into a large vein from the neck, chest, arm, or leg giving direct access to administer medications, draw blood, or take measurements to/from the heart.   I was able to assist a few doctors one my unit this past week and was probably too excited to finally see the procedure.

                        complications_cover          Born to Run cover

  • I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon for the end of October! Miami redemption here I come. I’m also participating with a team in the Napa Valley Ragnar Relay in September and heading to San Diego to visit old friends in July. Now it’s time to decide on some triathlons for the season. To focus on distance or sprints? 

Ok, so here are my two new mantras lately: “Give Yourself Grace” and “Keep it Simple”.  My preceptor at work keeps telling me to give myself grace as a new nurse. She reminds me on a regular basis that after a year, I will start feeling like a competent newbie. For somebody that attempts to excel at or master anything I do, this is tough.

My coworkers have been great with encouragement and advice. Thank goodness they tell stories from when they were new to the unit that make me feel like I’m right on track. Often somebody will offer help without me asking, it must be the deer in headlights look I’ve perfected. This is a phrase I repeat to myself whenever I make a mistake or feel like I’m moving like molasses going through the daily routines and assessments.

I’m also trying to apply this phrase to other areas of life at the moment. Training is great on my off days and not so great when I’m working…have you heard me say this before? I continue to beat myself up over this obstacle and am scared about not being prepared for tri season. All I can do is my best during this life transition. Night shift picks up in less than 3 weeks! Oh my goodness.

Having moved twice in the past 5 months, I realized the amount of “stuff” acquired during the past year and a half in Tampa. I can no longer fit all of my belongings in my Honda…I needed one and a half trips this time.  Over the last few days, my mantra of keeping it simple includes dwindling down unnecessary items and trying to avoid new projects. My list of things to do and try is a mile long. Reading blogs/books and talking with other people excites me about sewing, cooking, painting, gardening, etc. As much as, I was sucked into Pinterest over the past year, I stopped because I was “pinning” rather than actually living and doing. Part of me thinks my Pinterest addiction was induced by NCLEX avoidance.

My new roommate doesn’t have cable or internet, not because she couldn’t afford it but because she doesn’t really need it. At first, I thought, “Cable is easy to live without but there’s no way I could live without internet.” Well I’m going to take it a month at a time and see if I’ll finally finish my race t-shirt quilt that has been half done for a year or if I’ll finally make a dent in my reading list rather than continually adding to it.

So, this post has been brought to you from my local public library. Smile  Now I’m off to swim for my second workout of the day. Hopefully, the pool won’t be 83° like yesterday. It’s March in Florida…there is no reason to keep the pool heated and covered.

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2 Responses to Giving Yourself Grace

  1. 321delish says:

    You’re a rockstar! I’m so glad I get to be friends with you IRL!

  2. Feerlessfood says:

    Glad to hear all the good things Court! Thank you so much for the swim help- I’m listening now.

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