Mother’s Day Traditions

Let’s ignore the fact it’s more than a month after Mother’s Day.  My excuse…I don’t have internet and I have been reading and training nonstop. I still want to share something my mom and I have done for the past few years. Danskin Triathlon is a women’s only triathlon geared towards first time athletes and seasoned triathletes alike.

Danskin holds a special place in my heart since it was my first triathlon back after I graduated high school in 2004. I need to scan some old pictures and talk about that experience sometime. Basically, I was first out of the water by a minute or two and then was dominated on my mom’s mountain bike before jogging to the finish. My love affair with tris didn’t start until 3 years later when I was a junior in college. To say I hated the bike was an understatement. Now I tolerate that sport…sort of.

In 2007, my mom stepped up and said she’d like to give triathlons a try. She’s a runner at heart and has kept really fit playing tennis over the past few years. I always brag that she kept running through her pregnancies (before it was cool) and managed to run up to 10 miles a day with 2 young kids and a full-time job. Yeah, that’s my mom.


My fit mom and me in the Keys for 4th of July. Notice the hand painted scuba divers for the tire cover. Dorky parents.

The fun thing about the Orlando Danskin Triathlon is it always falls on Mother’s Day. With the exception of a few races, my mom and I have raced every year since 2007. We’ve seen the race move from Disney’s Magic Kingdom to Disney’s Ft. Wilderness and finally to Clermont this year. Disney is no longer accepting third party vendors to put on races so Danskin moved to a different location. At first I was nervous how the logistics would go with a new venue but Sommer Sports put on a fabulous race this year. I’ve raced several times at Sommer Sports triathlons and respect them a lot as a company. This year Danskin and Sommer Sports listened to concerns and suggestions participants made about the race and actually made changes. Thank you for listening!

Here are a few pictures from previous years…

Danskin Tri 2009

Danskin Tri 2009.1

Danskin Tri 2011

This year my parents came to Tampa for a Mother’s Day Tea at my church. My dad visited with his mother while my mom and I enjoyed a fun tea with my aunt and cousin and a hundred other ladies. We listened to a touching story about how God worked in one woman’s life while eating cucumber sandwiches and pastries and sipping tea.

Mother's Day

Danskin Tri 2012

That night we drove to Clermont and prepared to race the next morning. The race itself was well run and went off without a hitch. It was my first race of the season, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My dad and I watched my mom’s wave go off and then talked until my wave was up.

The swim felt sluggish but gave me a good lead on my wave that I managed to hold onto the rest of the race. My bike was decent with the exception of a few steep hills thrown into the middle of the route. Finally the run felt good. I gradually got faster with every mile. One girl shot off in the first half mile and I remember thinking there was no way she could hold that pace with that form (because I’m such an expert about good running form). Sure enough, I passed her within the next half mile and kept gaining speed. I was surprised to find out I was 2nd overall and more excited to see how proud that made my mom. To me, placing is partially about how fast you are and partially about who shows up. This race was one to share with my mom, so I wasn’t paying too much attention to competition.

Danskin 2012

Swim (800 meter or 1/2 mile) : 10:50

Bike (12 miles) : 40:32 (18 mph) <— really? really?

Run (5K or 3.1 miles) : 24:02 (8:02 min/mile)

Total Time: 1:18:58 (1st Age Group, 2nd Overall)

My mom and I will be back next year because this is a sweet tradition to share with her and not many people can say they’ve done races with their parents.  I’m grateful she instilled a love for exercise from an early age. Hopefully, my dad will join for a triathlon one day. For now, he and I share a love for books and food.

Up next, I want to share how training under a coach has been. I had a lackluster performance at the Dunedin Sprint and my body and spirit have felt broken down a lot lately. It’s been a rough ride but you don’t get better without hard work. I’ve had to readjust my goals for the season, especially Age Group Nationals. More on the topic later.

I’m off to clean, bike and swim. Our group is getting together for beer and pizza after practice…yessss. Is anybody else excited about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter coming to theaters on Friday? I read it a year or so ago and couldn’t put the book down. It’s a historical fiction that portrays Abraham Lincoln as an obsessed slayer of vampires. Vampires were a huge driving factor behind him becoming president and the Civil War in this book. The best part is the author does a great job intertwining true facts with fiction and there were times where I had to remind myself Lincoln was NOT a vampire hunter.

Abraham lincoln

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2 Responses to Mother’s Day Traditions

  1. Carolyn says:

    This is awesome Courtney! What a sweet tradition to have with your mom. I hope my daughter writes a post like this about her and I down the road.

    And your Mom is amazing for running through her pregnancy.

    • TriCourt says:

      Carolyn- the simple fact you want to be a good mother to your daughter will make the world of difference. Just hold that thought close in your heart. I’m sure she’ll feel blessed to have such a fun loving and interesting mother…it’s been a pleasure getting to know you better.

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