Just poppin’ in to say ‘ello

I haven’t forgotten about the blogging world. This has been (and will continue) to be a blogging hiatus. Life has been exciting and challenging the past year since graduating nursing school. Next month marks my official 1 year anniversary…as an ICU nurse! My mind feels saturated with the new information and experiences I’ve encountered at work and outside of work. It would be nice to have blogged throughout to share with my friends and family but there was a much needed period of reflection and personal growth. Who knows when I’ll be “officially” back but it will happen eventually.

Just a few updates of things I’ve done and places I’ve visited since my last post –

  • Finished orientation and became a baby nurse all on my own!
  • Visited Georgia for another celebration of my brother getting married
  • Flew out to San Diego to reconnect with old friends and visited Palm Springs for the first time
  • Vacationed with my family in the Keys for some lobstering and spear fishing
  • Road tripped up to Vermont for Age Group Nationals with a few fabulous friends
  • Participated in my first Ragnar in Napa and enjoyed wine country so much I contemplated giving up nursing to learn how to make wine
  • Got a gorgeous Giant time trial bike…my new love
  • Took a break from traveling to enjoy gardening, raising chickens, light training and reading
  • Witnessed my roommate and dear friend get married on their new farm
  • Took up salsa lessons
  • Witnessed two dear friends marry each other and celebrated yet another friend’s wedding only a week later
  • Contemplating another marathon finally and starting to take the next step in my career

I hope everybody has been great…until next time!

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3 Responses to Just poppin’ in to say ‘ello

  1. Hi Court!! I miss you in the blogosphere! But I’m glad I get to see you in real life:-)

  2. Beth says:

    I’m glad to see everything is going so well for you! Keep popping in from time to time with life updates. 🙂

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