“Quarterly” Update

Hello again. Three months have passed since my last post. Several things brewing in my life recently I wanted to share with my online friends. Mostly my life has been steady busy but enjoyable. On with the updates!

  • Dancing has become a bigger part of my life than I anticipated. Salsa and Bachata are quite addicting. Dancing challenges me in completely different ways from triathlon. I’m in no way a natural, which has been difficult but rewarding over the past several months. Besides the challenge, I’ve made several friends and have SO much fun going out “dancing the night away”.
  • Training is semi-consistent. I’m keeping a decent base and starting to incorporate speed now that tri season is officially here. My first triathlon of the season was moved from May 4th to September 29th…which means I need to start signing up for races for motivation. I have a love-hate relationship with my night shift schedule and training. While not impossible, training is just more complicated. Throw in a new found dancing addiction that keeps you up to the wee hours of the morning and my beloved early am workouts become unreasonable. Balance, strive for balance.
  • Visited the lovely town of Savannah, GA with coworkers on a girls trip in January. Such a great city and I had an incredible time.

132146 155

  • Met up with some of my best friends from college in Charleston, SC. Couldn’t have asked for a better time with some great women and I fell in love with another city. To be visited again!




  • Took a mountain trip with my triathlon friends to Blue Ridge, GA. Relaxing weekend in a cabin with awesome friends with s’mores, hiking, and charades.


  • Followed by spending “spring break” in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico with one of my favorite friends from high school. We mostly stuck to the beautiful beaches but ventured out to see Las Cataratas waterfalls and horseback riding along trails. Of course, with my love of all things Latin, Puerto Rico made an impression on me and I will be back to explore. Mofongo is now my new favorite way to eat plantains.

IMG_3506 IMG_3521 IMG_3571 IMG_3614 IMG_3627

  • Lastly, on the trips (my goodness I’m already exhausted sharing this), I went to Augusta, GA a week ago for MedWAR (Medical Wilderness Adventure Race). This was AWESOME. Already added to my annual race calendar. Basically, MedWAR is an adventure race involving running, mountain biking, kayaking, wading through a swamp, orienteering, and medical challenges for 6-8 hours. I joined UCF College of Medicine students and had a blast. My body was wrecked. My shins were torn up from thorns. I got muddy and can’t wait for next year. The medical scenarios involved our team of 4 being split up into patients and health care providers. We could only use the equipment, such as suture kits, airway kits, medicines, etc., that we had on our bodies. We also had to carry water and nutrition for 8 hours. The race organizers were AMAZING. Such a well run event that involved a ton of planning, creativity, and hard work.

IMG_3667 med


  • I’m starting to volunteer with hospice. I’m drawn to this area of health care and am looking forward to the opportunity to help people and their families during a difficult process. Find something that is truly meaningful to you and figure out how to get involved. To me, this is the best way to add purpose to your life. Give love in a special way to others.
  • So my biggest update…medical school! Originally, I wasn’t planning on sharing with many people but studying for the MCAT, the entrance exam for medical schools, requires a lot of dedication. By saying my intention out loud, I am helping hold myself more accountable. For the time being, I’m just applying. My prerequisites are already done and hopefully I’ll get my application and a kick butt MCAT score in this summer/fall. Planned start, if I get accepted, will be August 2014. This decision was extremely difficult because I really do love nursing and I love my unit. Medicine, however, keeps popping up in my heart and I ultimately need to pay attention to that because I don’t want to regret not trying 10 years down the road.

Phew! So any updates from you? As always, I hope life is treating you well.

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2 Responses to “Quarterly” Update

  1. Lawrence says:

    I used your 8 week Triathlon Swim training program to prep for my first-ever Triathlon this past weekend in Long Beach, Ca. I totally felt prepared for the swim portion of the race and competed well in my category (M 30-39). Thanks for posting the workout!

    • TriCourt says:

      That’s awesome! Glad you felt prepared and had a good experience. Thank you for sharing…that made me smile 🙂 good luck with all your future endurance endeavors.

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