Hello body. My name is Courtney.

As an athlete, you learn about your body in different ways. You learn to separate the pain of pushing harder and from the pain of an oncoming injury. You develop an awareness of when all cylinders are firing or when you are about to run out of fuel. Hopefully, you learn how to best nourish your body before, during and after a workout. You acknowledge when your body needs rest and when to be relentless. If you get really in tune, your internal clock starts ticking and you can speed up or slow down so that each lap is within seconds of the previous one.

Right now, I’m going through a reintroduction. Muscles are complaining that I forgot existed. Where have my calf muscles been for the past year? Maybe too much information, but I think there’s actually bruises over my sit bones. Currently, my body is in a state of shock. the past year has mostly been “do what you feel like” or “get some type of workout in for the day”. I didn’t “feel” like getting up this morning and riding 100 km. But I did. And I’m glad.
I’m not in tune with my body anymore. I don’t know what it needs and I definitely don’t have a good sense of how to maintain proper pacing. So welcome back body. I’m going to use and abuse you. I’m going to push you and test you but I’ll also feed you quality food and get plenty of sleep. I’ll pay attention and back off if injuries come about. “Hello body. My name is Courtney…I don’t know if you remember me. It’s been awhile.”

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