I grew up in Florida near or in the water.  My family was always taking fishing and diving trips when I was a child, so it was inevitable that I fell in love with competitive swimming at 8 years old.  My dedication grew each year and I lived and breathed the sport until my senior year of high school.  I hated missing a single practice and took pride in being the hardest worker.

This came with a lot of internal pressure and I was simply burnt out by the time I should have been looking at college swim teams.  Instead, I attended a school without a swim team, University of Central Florida, and coached my former swim team, the Blue Dolfins.  I fell in love all over again with the sport.  My heart missed the competition but there was something incredible about teaching 30 something kids the same principles and values I learned over 10 years.  Sometimes I regret not swimming in college but I gained so much more by coaching.

I still ate like a swimmer and the weight crept up (something like 25 lbs…eghh).  That had to end so I started swimming again with friends and occasionally running.  It wasn’t the same…I was working out for the scale this time.  One day, somebody from the UCF Triathlon Club, the Tri-Knights, encouraged me to join and race. I wasn’t interested from my previous experience 2 years back with a Sprint triathlon.  I hated the bike…still have a love/hate relationship with it.  Eventually, I went to a meeting and signed up for a triathlon.  This time I was hooked.

Now I race whenever possible and couldn’t be happier pushing myself and sharing my love for this sport.

Please post a comment  if you have any questions. I don’t actively post anymore but I love answering questions. Keep in mind (this is the teacher in me), if you have a question about it somebody else probably does too and will benefit from you asking. 🙂


2 Responses to About

  1. leah says:

    Hi Courtney, I found your blog through Meghann’s and have found your abilities and dedication to be very inspiring. I hope to sign up for a triathlon soon, but am currently focusing some more attention on the bike. I’m a fairly new rider and I’ve been having a little trouble with nutrition for long rides. I don’t have trouble finishing them, I just end up feeling really drained the rest of the day. I used to train for marathons and would run for similar amounts of time, but never experienced such energy crashes. I have 40 miles planned for this weekend and was wondering what a typical ride that lengh might look like nutritionally for you (I’m estimating a 15-16 mph average). Ps- I couldn’t find an email address for you on the site

    • Courtney says:

      Hi Leah! That’s exciting that you are looking into triathlons. They are a great way to break up training without losing endurance and speed on your run. I suggest looking at http://www.trifind.com to find a triathlon if you haven’t decided on one yet. They make it really easy to find triathlons in your state of all distances. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time feeling drained after your rides. Biking takes some getting used to…one person said to me “It takes 1,000 miles in the saddle to really start liking the bike.” This seems like a lot but you’d be surprised how many miles you’d log in a few months. As for nutrition, everybody is different so keep playing with what you are doing pre-workout, during the workout, and post-workout. Before my workout, I try not to eat anything like dairy because it might give me stomach issues. Oatmeal or toast with peanut butter usually work. During my workout, I’ll have a gel or two, a banana, granola bar, trail mix, or whatever can be carried in my bike jersey pockets. I’ll eat when I feel my energy dip slightly, which works out to about every 45-60 min. I always have a full water bottle and will usually stop halfway to fill it back up. Afterwards, I need protein and some complex carbs so this means eggs, smoothie (with protein..like peanut butter or powder), maybe a sweet potatoe. Try keeping a journal logging what you ate before, during, and after the workout and take note of your energy levels throughout the day until you find the right mix.

      Thanks for pointing out that I was missing an e-mail…I just updated my about page. Feel free to keep me updated on your progress and ask any questions. tricourt@yahoo.com

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